Returns, Cancellation and Warranty


Embed accepts returns within 30 days of the original invoice date. Returns must be in the original undamaged packaging, not used, and in original sellable condition. Any credit offered by Embed to the Customer for returned products is subject to review and inspection of the returned product and restocking fees may apply. Most products are returnable with a few exceptions; Customer returns containing "Built-to-Order or Custom" products cannot be returned.

Embed has several return processing centers; therefore, the Customer is responsible for consulting with their local Embed office before returning product(s) to Embed. Also, the Customer is liable for all shipping fees of returned products.

For processing of returns refer to EMBED RMA (


Customers requesting to cancel an order, either in its entirety or partly, such as the cancellation of any product in an order or a reduction in quantity from the quantity on the original order received by Embed from the Customer, are subject to the following Cancellation Policy. The Customer is responsible for ensuring Embed receives a request of order cancellation in writing prior to Embed reviewing the Customer's order cancellation request. Embed reserves the right to charge the Customer cancellation fees and restocking fees for work completed at the time of Embed receiving a written request of order cancellation. Customer orders containing "Built-to-Order or Custom" products cannot be cancelled. 

The Customer is liable for cancellation fees and restocking fees for work completed to the extent Embed suffers any loss or damage as a result of the Customer’s order cancellation.


1.1.    Subject to the rest of this Agreement, Embed warrants the Embed proprietary Hardware to be free from material defects in material and workmanship under normal use for:

(a)  a period of 12 calendar months from the date of delivery (the "Warranty Period"); or

(b)  in relation to Embed “SmartTouch” range of readers, a period of 36 months

in each case from the earlier of:

(c)   the date of delivery of the Embed Hardware; or

(d)  the date Embed installs the Embed Hardware, where Embed provides installation services.

1.2.   If the Customer believes the Hardware does not meet the warranty in section 1.1 of this Schedule:

(a)  the Customer may only make a claim for breach of warranty by giving notice to Embed of the defect within the Warranty Period, except where the claim is made in reliance on a Non-Excludable Provision (as referred to clause 8 of the Common Terms, providing all evidence reasonably required by Embed of the defect;

(b)  if required to by Embed, the Customer must send the Hardware to Embed by registered express mail or courier, without tampering or, if required by Embed, the Customer must give Embed access to the Hardware where it is located. In both cases, Embed is entitled to carry out such tests as is reasonably required to determine if there has been a breach of the warranty; and

(c)   if there has been no breach of the warranty, the Customer must pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Embed in investigating and dealing with the claim.

1.3.   Where the Customer makes a claim in accordance with section 1 of the Hardware Schedule and Embed is reasonably satisfied that there has been a breach of the warranty, Embed may choose to repair, replace or give a refund for the Embed Hardware and Embed must do so within a reasonable period of receipt of notice by Embed of a warranty claim and any evidence reasonably required under section 1.2(a). To the extent permitted by law, any such repair, replacement or refund of the Hardware is the Customer’s sole remedy for breach of the warranty in section 1.1.

1.4.  If the Customer does not make a claim in accordance with section 1.2, the Customer is deemed to have waived any and all rights it may have in respect of the event or circumstances giving rise to that breach.

1.5.   The limited warranties set out in section 1.1 only apply if the Embed Hardware (i) has been installed, operated, repaired, used and maintained in accordance with this Schedule and any other instructions given by Embed, (ii) has not been altered or modified without Embed’s authorization, (iii) has not been subjected to abnormal and unusual physical or electric stress or environmental conditions, misused or negligently handled or operated; and (iv) the Customer is not in breach of this Agreement.

1.6.   Embed does not give any warranties and does not make any representations about the Third Party Hardware but Embed will use reasonable commercial efforts to facilitate: (i) the Customer acquiring a direct contractual right against the providers of the Third Party Hardware in respect of the Third Party Hardware, if the Customer signs all documents and take all steps required by the Third Party Hardware provider, or (ii) any warranty claim available to Embed against the providers of the Third Party Hardware in respect of the Third Party Hardware, if the Customer pays all costs and expenses incurred by Embed in doing so. Accordingly, the Customer acknowledges that the Customer’s rights in relation to Third Party Hardware is necessarily limited by the terms on which such Third-Party Hardware is provided.